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What are Affordable Dentures? Does anyone know? Where can you get low cost dentures? What's the big deal WOW what's all the hype about. Are dentures really reasonably priced?

O.K. say you walk into a Dentist office and ask for a set of dentures, he will look at you and say what price range are you interested in we have a  price range from
$900 economy to$1200 medium priced to $2500 for our best . Now here we go WOW the cheapest are only $1200. People this is a joke i have been making dentures for over 30 years and there is no none out there worth $1200.  I'm embarrassed to tell you what it really cost to make a set of dentures (upper & lower) but there is alot of labor to involved.

Dentures should only cost you around
$500-$700 (upper &  lower) no joke this should be the price. So now what, where can the average person go in the USA to buy dentures at this price? I will tell you later on.

Now you can understand the dentures campaign thats going on a little better there just using a perfect word to get you to bite and why not when you hear or see the word affordable you think
WOW now here's a deal now finally i can afford to get dentures at a reasonable price. It is a great advertising gimmick to get you in there office to buy.

If you pay more than
$500-$700 for so a set of dentures  you getting ripped and i'm really serious about that because I KNOW, I MAKE THEM!


Denturist are legalized dental technicians who become licsensed to make dentures for the public. There are only a few states who allow this,
Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Maine, Arizona and Pennsylvania soon.

Now there's one other place you can get dentures and that in in
Florence, SC there are many Denture Clinics there run by Dentist that are very reasonable. So if you want and affordable dentures check out DENTURIST in states mentioned above and Florence, SC.

Denturist are also legal in
CANADA if your interested.

Dentist don't make dentures dental laboratories do which are run by denturist or dental technicans. These people make dentures everyday so go to someone who has a Denturist licsense you will get better price. Don't pay a fortune if you don't have to. Remender you still can get a fair price if you look and are willing to travel alittle.  Alot of people get there dentures made while there on vacation killing two birds with one stone you might say.

Also check out the internet Keyword-
Denturist and also Sexton Dental Clinic this is in Florence, SC.

Well i hope this helped clears things alittle better and do you really need new dentures or do your old ones just need