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Perma Soft Denture Reliner Kit.  Lasts up to two years.  Long-lasting comfort and fit.


New Scientific breakthrough in Dentistry has come with a Professional Corrective Reline Material that makes a Custom Fit for Loose and Irritating Dentures with an Amazing NEW Dental Material called PERMA SOFT . A do-it-yourself Professional material that will SAVE you HUNDREDS of Dollars until you can see a Dentist.

Now you can Professionally reline your own Denture for ONLY $19 until you can see a Dentist. The more you buy, the more you save using a Professional Grade material that a Dentist would use to Reline your Denture at a Fraction of the Cost. You can achieve comfortable, long-lasting results in between your dentist visits.

This is the ONLY Professional Denture Material of it’s kind sold to the available for over-the-counter use.

Perma Soft is a Long-Term Corrective Reline Material with a Professional Custom Fit!


Please note: Perma Laboratories does not imply that by using our product that you no longer need to see a Dentist. Please keep your regular appointments for proper fitting Dentures..

Perma Soft stays Soft but yet Firm and saves your Gums for Wear and Tear of your Hard Plastic Dentures and gives you a long lasting Reline which FEELS GREAT on your Gums.

So why feel miserable, insecure and embarrassed when you don’t have to? Perma Soft tightens, cushions and relieves gum irritation, eliminates adhesive and slows down gum shrinkage.

FACT: Hard Plastic Dentures can wear down your gums. As this occurs your Denture becomes loose and must be Relined. Perma Soft has a resilient bounce-back texture which takes all the punishment and helps SAVE what Gums you have LEFT. What happens when your gums wear down to nothing? THINK ABOUT IT! It’s bad enough to wear a set Dentures, let alone having them wear out your gum structure. So, let Perma Soft protect your Gums and have a Great Fit at the same time. We offer a 30-day-Guarantee, so you won’t be out anything by purchasing our products.

You SAVE money 2 ways with Perma Soft 1. You save on a HIGH Dentist bill (until you can see your dentist) and 2. You don’t need to purchase adhesive, powders, paste, or cushions.


Where Else can you get a Professional Reline for $19 and pamper your Gums at the same time? NOWHERE!

So, if you are Truly Dissatisfied with your Loose and Irritating Denture, and Sick and Tried of sore gums, I Urge you to try PERMA SOFT and Rid yourself of Misery for Good.

You cannot wear a set of Dentures with Satisfaction without a Good Gum Structure, so at least Save what Gums you have LEFT with a Soft but Firm RESILIENT (bounce back) textured material that will LAST!

So if you have Loose Dentures we have the best solution so your dentures don’t have to be loose. It’s bad enough just having to wear dentures let alone having them loose and moving around in your mouth.

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Not Sold in Stores


Perma Soft is Registered with FDA # 1528710 WARNING: Although Perma Soft lasts up to 2 years, FDA advises the consumer to use this product as a temporary solution for loose dentures until a dentist can be seen.


Perma Soft Denture Reline Kit Video Instructions by Suzanne

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Perma Soft Denture Reliner Part Two by Suzanne

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Perma Soft denture reline kit is specially formulated for loose dentures. Since 1986, Perma Soft has been providing our customers with a custom-fit denture reline kit that helps stable loose dentures.

Perma Soft Works on Upper and Lower Dentures
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Why Choose Perma Soft for Your Loose Denture Problems? Check Out The Images Below.

Warning Labels: According to the FDA, consumers who use Perma Soft should consider it as temporary until a dentist can be seen. Please keep regular dentist appointments to make sure you dentures are fitting properly.

ALLERGY: Contains methacryaltes. Do not use if allergic or sensitive to methacrylates.

Disclaimer: Perma Laboratories nor Perma Soft is affiliated with Dentsply Int., Inc. whose federally registered Permasoft, trademarked soft denture liner, use a different product than ours and is sold only to dental professionals. Perma Soft is a common law trademark of Perma Laboratories (since 1986). Our product is sold only to consumers and not to dental professionals.

Perma Soft Denture Reliner Kit

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