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30% Off for Dentures
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Welcome, Members!  

First of all, thank you to Pam for allowing us to support your site!  It is very informative
for denture wearers and the support you give one another is amazing!

Our Perma Soft is a FIRM yet soft reliner that lasts a long time inside the denture.  Up
to 2 years, sometimes longer.  I've had a few people tell me they had it in their
dentures for over 3 years.

The ProSoft is our new denture reliner.  This is also considered a tissue conditioner,
which soothes sore gums caused by loose dentures or recently extracted teeth.  This
kit is more temporary in the denture, but much softer and more flexible than the
Perma Soft.

Enjoy 30% of our denture reline kits!

Each box contains two relines, enough for two individual denture plates.

Thank you for your business!


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1. What is the difference between Perma Soft and ProSoft?
Perma Soft is a soft yet FIRM reliner that stays in the denture for up to 2 years,
whereas, ProSoft is a softer, more flexible reliner and is very gentle on the gums.

2.  How do I get rid of the taste?
Soaking in baking and soda and water helps, and recently a customer told us she
soaked the Perma Soft lined denture in a 1/2 WHITE vinegar and 1/2 water solution
over night.  I would NOT use cider vinegar.  It might change the color of the liner.

For More information, visit www.perma-laboratories.com  
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