Hi Mick, After we got back from vacation, it had arrived and yesterday, I put it in following the
instructions.  I must say, ITS GREAT!!!!  Your kit has it all over "denture rite".   I am going to order
another kit just to have in case.  Thanks
I just want to send an
email and thank you! This
is the best thing I have
ever bought in my life.
Instant relief from the pain
the dentures were causing
me. I will reccomend you
product to every one.
Thank you.
Rebecca Duda
Order arrived today,
and I immediately put it
to use when I came
home.  Since Denturite
liner never lasted more
than a week, even a
month is still a big
savings to me.  The
prospect of having the
liner work even a few
months is more than
enough for me to call
your product worth it.

Howard Shirk
your shippment arrived and
has been used...you have a
superior product.....free
advice is worth what you
pay for it, but here
goes.....give every order
you ship the opportunity to
place a standing order with
for, say, every 12
month....which you
ship.....thanks again for
such prompt service.....
Received the perma soft liner
material and its every bit as good as
you say,followed enclosed
instructions and received a $250.00
reline for $20.00.
Thanks for a great product.  
Frank Canfield
Elliot lake ont. Canada
Thanks Mick got the reline kits.  Just relined them for my Mom and she is so much heaven right now.  She
said feels great and Thanks so very much.  She is on a very fixed income and the local dentist were
wanting $468 for each reline.  This just worked great.

Thanks again
Hi Mick,
What a great product. After my order,
it arrived here in Georgetown,
ON, Canada within days. I followed the
instructions very carefully
and I am totally satisfied with the
product and the success with it.
Your company has saved me hundreds
of dollars to get a re-line at my
dentist. I also now save a lot of money
by not having to purchase the
store bought liners that you have to put
on every day.
All the best to you all for having a
super product that saves money
for us wearing dentures. Also, there are
no custom duties or extra
charges when sending your product to
Canada. Keep up the good work to
save consumers money.
Best regards,  Doug
Hi Perma Laboratories,
just want to drop you a line
saying i'm on my second year
wearing Perma Soft II now and
my dentures still fit great. Never
thought it would last this long,
your product is a Godsend
maybe i can get a couple more
years out of this one reline.
Please stay in business.

Thanks a million
Bob K.
Houston, Tx
Hi Mick,
I just wanted to say
"Thank You" for a great
product at an affordable
I've been wearing
dentures for almost 50
years and this is the first
time that a reline has ever
been easy and right the
first try.
Thank you very much,
Hi Mick,

Can i just say since recieving the reliner,i am very happy with it and have ordered another for safe keeping.
A wonderful product and never believed it worked this well until i tryed it myself.
Thankyou so very much and i can now feel safe and secure knowing my denture is going to hold and not
fall out.
My only regret is not ordering 2 at once but hey at least you still there to order from,
PLEASE don't ever
stop making this little miracle in a jar.

Thanks again

Hi Mick, thanks for
processing my order. I used
your liner
2-3 years ago with
super results! I do have a
question, what can I use to
remove the old liner, or can I
just apply another layer over
the old?
Answer: yes apply
the new liner over top of the
old, it is mostly worn out by
now anyway and the new
liner will stick to it great.
Thanks for your advice!
Mike M.
Thank you!  Fast shipping, good fit first time I used your Perma Soft my pain is gone. I have had dentures
for 45 ye
ars.  If I had known of this stuff you make I would have saved a lot of money. Thanks to you and
the help of the Internet finding you.   Thanks again
, G.L. Daniel
I know this may seem a little odd however I would like to thank you for offering such a great product, and
the information that you supply on you site has been very helpful, I have ordered from you many times.

Being young and wearing dentures has been very difficult, however the information you have supplied me
and your product has made the transition so much easier.

Thank you,

I am just trilled with this product. I am sending for another order just to have on hand. I just saved $280.
The only thing I did wrong was not to order sooner.
Thanks so Much.
I received your soft reline kit, and it is great. As soon as I started mixing it, I new it was the real thing. I
actually found you by accident while looking for a solution for adhesive removal. I am a customer for life,
and everyone i know, who could use your product, is going to hear about it. Thanks for the prompt replies
and info. Jim Fagan
Hi Mick

I have had my temporary denture for over 2 years.My dentist never got the permanant one right and 1 day
he told me he had spent too much time and money on trying to get it right and sent me on my way..I bought
your product and I have never felt better..My husband surely loves me ,,because he would see my teeth in
a container more than in my mouth..he called it his extra smile on display.now he can see the smile from me
I ordered more for others i know................

Thank you so much for a tremendous product. Here in Australia they would never have something like this
so we have to pay US$240.00 for each reline on each denture.
I have been using those stupid cushion pads for the past 7 years and at US$5.00 a time each week - well
you work it out.
If it lasts half as long as you say I will be ecstatic.
Easy to use and a pleasure to wear. I will definitely be back and I will spread the word.
Mark Ensor
Hi Mick,

Just to inform you that my order arrived safely today, I have already put it to use and in 20 years of wearing
dentures I have never felt so confident or as comfortable, a superb Product and a few of my friends are
already asking about Permasoft, so I think you may have more orders coming your way from this side of the

Yours with many thanks

David White
I am sooo impressed with your denture reline kit!!!!! You have no idea how much more confident I am now
that my teeth don't swish in my mouth. Now my smile is contagious rather than embarrassing. Thanks so

Kellie B
I just thought I would say this is my second order of your Perma Soft
reliner, I am very happy with your product. I have not had to use any
adhesive at all in the past six months.
Thank you I will be a customer for life."  Thank you, Gwen

Thank you,
Just relined my dentures unbelieveable product.I've been looking for something like this for 30 years no lie
Thanks.I'm ordering 4 more reliners Mick could you tell me how long of a shelve life this has? Thanks again.
Thanks Mick
what a great product. this is my second order, I did not need any adhesive for six months. I will be a
customer for life.

thanks again and happy holidays
Dennis L.
Amazing product it really works! I am very grateful to you and your product. Thank you so much! Alex
Mick I want tell you my satisfaction..I am very happy with the result..Thank you France
Dear Mick,
This morning I used your reline product as it
was time for this to be done after a year of
wearing a new denture. I had been given
prices for this procedure of anywhere from
278.00 to 350.00 which is tough in todays
The product was easy to apply and so far it
has made such a difference. Cant believe how
great it is.
Does the reliner have a shelf life? I would like
to order a couple more for the closet but
hesitate if there is a time when it wont be
able to be used.
Again a great great product. Thanks

Rob Fitzgerald
Hi  Mick:

I just wanted to add my opinion of your product.

I purchased your Perma Soft last year for the first time, and was delighted.

My denture was old, plus I now had a problem with the few remaining teeth (crowns) in the lower, so I
arranged for the extractions, and a full set of dentures, upper, and lower.

Naturally the lower has needed to be relined, and I have used your product while the swelling subsides in the
gum tissue.

The dentist asked who relined my upper, I told him I did, and he was amazed.  He said I did a really good

I just wanted to thank you for your product.  It is truly a lifesaver for me with this new lower denture.  The
upper did not feel quite right, so I relined it, with the same amazing results I have experienced in the past.

I absolutely recommend you, and your product to others who are perhaps wondering if they should try it,
and I say to them emphatically YES!!!  It is so easy, and the results are absolutely fantastic.

I am your customer forever.  I apologize if this is too long, but the product, and service are so exceptional it
took a while to say everything I wanted to.

Arnold G. Barker
GREAT product...lasted 3 years. 2nd order w/great service120% recommended