False Teeth can make your daily life easier. Just like the rest of your mouth, your Dentures need special care. This article discusses the various dental care techniques and requirements for your teeth. Keeping your dentures in good condition is extremely important. Your gums and mouth are always changing so with this in mind your dentures will sometimes feel loose and/or create sore spots on your gums.

Your new teeth will do more than just relieve mouth pain. They will also enhance your ability to eat. Your dentures will also make you feel more confident and younger by your new appearance and improved speech. Whether you get a partial set of dentures or a full, complete set you will notice a major improvement.

If you have had dentures for awhile you might want to have a Denturist or Dentist inspect them to see if new teeth are needed. Since your mouth and gums are always changing it's a good idea to have your dentures checked every so often. Also, to see if you need them relined or a new set.

Porcelain teeth and plastic teeth are very comparable. They both have Pros and Cons. For instance, porcelain teeth will click louder when talking or eating. They will also break easier than plastic teeth. But, porcelain teeth will wear longer than plastic dentures. Plastic denture teeth are lighter in weight and don't clack when eating or talking, however, they will wear out quicker than porcelain denture teeth because plastic is softer.

Dentures! What an invention! The first thing that comes to mind when the words 'false teeth' come up is good old George Washington and his wooden teeth. Well, George's teeth were never made of wood. George's teeth were carved of ivory and hippo tusk. Wow! What a job it would be to carve a set of dentures from ivory or tusk. It would take a very long time. The carver would have to keep following George around constantly putting the teeth in George's mouth and then removing them to carve a little more each time just to get a semi fit.

What a job it must have been to carve a set of dentures for George. During that time of history, having anything in the mouth in order to smile or chew is better than nothing at all, especially if you're the President of the United States. So, George is one of the main characters in getting the words 'false teeth' spread around the world. The myth that George's teeth were made of wood was merely an assumption. His teeth were so old when they were put into the museum they looked like wood, so everyone assumed they were.

Later on, when lasers were invented they took another look at George's teeth and found out they weren't made of wood after all. The laser detected the teeth were made of ivory and that another set of his teeth were made of hippo tusk and parts of a real human jaw bone. So, George had a couple sets of teeth made in his time.

Nonetheless, dentures are a real necessity in today's world. Some day people won't need dentures because of implants, new ways of curing gum disease and germ preventatives for natural teeth. This may not be in the near future, but someday dentures will become extinct.