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Frequently Asked Questions about Soft Denture Reline Kits

Frequently Asked Quesions

Click here to find frequently asked questions regarding our soft denture reline kits and repair kits.

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Dear Mick, This morning I used your reline product as it was time for this to be done after a year of wearing a new denture. I had been given prices for this procedure of anywhere from 278.00 to 350.00 which is tough in todays economy. The product was easy to apply and so far it has made such a difference. Cant believe how great it is. Does the recliner have a shelf life? I would like to order a couple more for the closet but hesitate if there is a time when it wont be able to be used. Again a great great product. Thanks

Rob Fitzgerald


Hi Mick, After we got back from vacation, it had arrived and yesterday, I put it in following the instructions. I must say, ITS GREAT!!!! Your kit has it all over "denture rite". I am going to order another kit just to have in case. Thanks I just want to send an email and thank you! This is the best thing I have ever bought in my life. Instant relief from the pain the dentures were causing me. I will recommend you product to every one. Thank you.

Rebecca Duda


Order arrived today, and I immediately put it to use when I came home. Since Denturite liner never lasted more than a week, even a month is still a big savings to me. The prospect of having the liner work even a few months is more than enough for me to call your product worth it.

Howard Shirk


Hi Mick, thanks for processing my order. I used your liner 2-3 years ago with super results! I do have a question, what can I use to remove the old liner, or can I just apply another layer over the old? Answer: yes apply the new liner over top of the old, it is mostly worn out by now anyway and the new liner will stick to it great. Thanks for your advice!

Bob K


Hi Mick, I just wanted to say "Thank You" for a great product at an affordable price! I've been wearing dentures for almost 50 years and this is the first time that a reline has ever been easy and right the first try. Thank you very much,


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