What’s the Difference between Home Denture Reline Kits and Denture Adhesives?

At-Home Denture Reliner, Denture Adhesives


Denture reline kits are sold over the counter and consist of a polymer (plasticized polyethyl-methacrylate) and monomer (ethyl alcohol or ethyl methacrylate) that when mixed together and placed in the denture, form a custom fit denture liner.  The material cures from the heat in your mouth and normally takes three to five minutes to cure.  If any excess material overlaps the ridges of the denture, you can trim the edges with a small paring knife or scissors.  Denture reliner kits stay in the denture for around 3 months to a year, other like Perma Soft can last up to 2 years, some people have said even 3 years.

The entire process can range anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on which type of denture reline kit you use.  The purpose of the denture liner is to fill in the void between your denture and your gums that causes slippage and loose dentures.

Should I reline my own dentures at home?  Be sure to always visit your dentist, but home reline kits are an affordable way to reline your false teeth until you can see your dentist for a dentist reline.  Your dentist may choose a hard or soft denture reline depending on many factors and he/she will be able to tell you your best option..

What are denture adhesives?  There are many different types of denture adhesives on the market today.  Most likely you can find them in your local drug store.  There are types that come in a tube that you squeeze out into your denture and there are powder adhesive available, and lastly there are strips of paper that line the denture for a temporary fix.

Denture adhesives are a “quick fix” to loose dentures and may need reapplied to the denture several times a day, but they do get the job done.  Some people prefer the powder adhesive and some prefer the gooey consistency that comes from the denture adhesive tubes.  It’s basically a preference to each person.  Trying them out is the best to see which works for you.